Meet the Founder

TF-Palmisano-FamilyJason Palmisano, a Connecticut native, moved to the sunshine state with his family at the age of 10. Jason’s love for sports began during childhood and flourished in high school. From competitive youth swimming and Little League baseball, to track and field and football, Jason enjoyed the physical and mental challenge of doing his very best with the gifts God gave him.

Following high school, Jason attended to the University of North Carolina on a football scholarship where he played wide receiver. It was at the University of North Carolina that Jason solidified his faith in Jesus Christ and began to share the word of God with others through his actions.

After two years at UNC, Jason transferred to the University of Central Florida and continued to play collegiate football while majoring in Physical Education. During this time, Jason also became involved with the Fellowship of Christian Athletes where he further anchored his commitment to Christ and bolstered his interest in physical fitness.

After graduating from UCF in 1991, Jason gained experience working with youth in the junior high school setting teaching science and coaching sports. He continued to stay involved with the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, served as a youth minister in his church, and honed his public speaking skills. These activities continued to grow and feed two great passions of his: faith and fitness.

Fast forward to June of 2008 when Jason and his wife, Wendy, co-founded Trinity Fitness Ministries, Inc. Trinity Fitness combines the physical growth with the spiritual growth of those individuals seeking to know Christ and honor Him through better health.

Trinity Fitness’ motto is “Healthy People Inside and Out.”

Currently, Jason serves as CEO, working closely with a board of directors to oversee the national growth of the ministry. Jason’s passion for helping people reach their full potential both spiritually and physically continues to be the driving force behind Trinity Fitness.